“The materials were extremely helpful and instrumental and I refer to them now in my day-to-day work. This was one of the best training I’ve taken and I will certainly recommend it to my colleagues and anyone who wants to understand pharmaceutical Sales Data better.” 

“Covered a lot of information in a short time. Good in-depth review of SP data.”

“Very good and well thought out, subject matter experts that made the class very engaging.”

“Great class — covers everything from start to finish and all details in between.”

“Very good class, good overview of data sources, explanation of the new payer-provider system and good insight into how things are moving.”

“The SP topics were really good. I like the analogies used for managed healthcare as well. The most useful information were the KPIs for the SP’s.”

“Excellent content, very relevant to what I do, very good overview followed with details. Instructor’s industry knowledge and hands on experience is good.”

“Essential for anyone who wants to understand specialty pharmacy, channels, myths/misconceptions and analysis.”

“Good overview of Specialty world and broad sense of market dynamics at play, very good overview of the type of database vendors.”

“Very valuable. The complete view of data sources, pros and cons, future of spec. pharma, gaps in spec. pharma & areas for potential pitfalls was beneficial.”

“The class is extremely informative and valuable if you work with SP and SP data. Even if you know SP, the class provides a thorough overview of the SP’s and the data available with SP products.”

“Great overview & orientation of Specialty data sources.”

“Strong expertise & broad knowledge of data landscape.”

“Very comprehensive and insightful. I like the payer-distributor-patient overview.”

“Must-have for basic foundation if you are in the insights/forecasting business.”

“Class was great. Very enthusiastic and engaging. Great class!”

“Interesting. Came to know things that I did not know before.”

“Detailed-oriented facts explained in such a simple manner that prior knowledge is not necessary.”

“JP makes the class fun!”

“Helpful for an overview of the SP market. Database discussion particularly useful.”

“Very insightful on giving a general overview of databases, issues, ‘holes.'” 

“Lots of information and insights about data sources and about managed care too.”

“Very well organized and detailed.”

“Great class!”

“I loved all of the animations!” 

“Nice overview of flows through the system.”

“Good overview of trends, data, relevant topics, data sources.”

“Great SP overview.”

“Overall very positive. Very worthwhile for someone that is new to the industry to take this class.”

“In-depth overview of the SP’s was very interesting and informative.”

“Excellent overview!!”

“Very good. Covered good background and good introduction for someone who is new to specialty pharma.”

“Good real-life examples.”

“Comprehensive, independent overview of secondary data, with focus on longitudinal data and applications (and limitations) of each source.”

“A good class w.r.t. overall perspectives from the standpoint of SP knowledge and data sets in general.”

“Very informative, very well structured, very helpful.”

“Terrific overview of secondary data sets, whether you need a solid introduction or a refresher or even just getting back up to speed.”

“Very comprehensive, quick movement though pertinent content — good side-bar analogies to help process and have points stick.”

“Very good overview — lots of details. Facilitators are able to be flexible and answer any questions.” 

“Reviewing pros and cons of different data sources (claims, EMR’s, etc.) was great.”

“Excellent for those working with US data. It was quite interesting and entertaining, there was a lot of unexpected learnings that explained questions I’ve never gotten answers to before.” 

“The “wows” were a lot of fun.”

“Learning about pluses and minuses of different data sources was great.”

“Very informative. Made me think of new questions. Would recommend. Like real-life examples.”

“Great presentation style.”

“Very informative. I learned a lot.”

“Thanks so much. This provided a great overview and exposed so many of the complications involved in trying to characterize our market dynamics!”

“Good high level of focus on data + future conceptual items.”

“JP was engaging.”

“It has a lot of information.”

“It was helpful for me to learn about the different sources of data for a product going through an SP network.” 

“I appreciate the willingness of JP to answer questions as we were working through the slides.”

“Good subject matter.”

“JP was very knowledgable specifically around data sources and channel partners.”